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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Extra Wasabi for My Sashimi

BP Oil Crisis Journal Entry
by Dimitry Greentree

“Excuse me miss, my spicy tuna is a little high on the fossil fuel flavoring. Can I please get some extra wasabi?” Sound ridiculous? Well, get used to it.

It’s being coined as the “BP Oil Spill”. Um, I’m sorry but a spill is when your 2 year old kid knocks over the sippy cup while reaching for the last crusty cheerio on his high-chair table top. This travesty in the Gulf of Mexico is a code-red crisis. 210,000 gallons of oil are poisoning the ocean each day the “spill” continues. Fifty percent of the earths’ living species reside in the deep blue sea.

This unfortunate disaster magnifies the importance of biofuel expansion on a commercial scale. Biofuels are a renewable energy source that can be produced domestically. There are many environmental and health benefits to alternative fuels such as biodiesel (click here to learn). American support for green fuels would decrease dependence on foreign oil and calamities like the BP incident would not happen.

If situation is not resolved soon, believe me, you will be asking for extra wasabi.

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