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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Congressional Support for Commercial Scale Biodiesel Producers

Recently millions of dollars have been injected into the research and development of biofuel. We are very excited to see the US government focusing more on alternative energy expansion. However, our grievance lies in the lack of federal support and funding towards established commercial scale biodiesel producing companies. Biodiesel of Las Vegas has actively been pursuing congressional support for the past four years with little fruition.

Currently we have invested $35 million of private capital into the completion of our biodiesel production facility. We have acquired the property, constructed a rail system, built a tank farm, purchased all major processing equipment and nearly completed the truck load rack.

A commitment of an additional $2 million has been made to bring online a 1 mgy Demonstration Plant expected to be fully operational in summer 2010.

We are patiently working with the State and Federal Governments, but this process is taking more time than expected. Additionally, we are exploring capital investment opportunities with strategic partners. However, until then, you can help our country become energy independent and support our clean air campaign by visiting our website Show your support by contacting congress through our "contact congress" button as well as signing our petition on

View Our Letter to Nevada Senator Harry Reid Below:

Dear Senator Reid:

We have spent considerable time, effort and money in our attempt to bring affordable biodiesel to commercial and government consumers across Nevada and the Southwest United States. At one point we believed this was possible without financial assistance from the U.S. government because, for a brief period, biodiesel was price competitive with traditional petroleum diesel, the public wanted our clean alternative and being “green” was worth something. Today, this is clearly not the case. Even with a $1 per gallon production credit it is difficult to be price competitive and the public cannot afford, and will not, pay more just to be green.

Biodiesel of Las Vegas has gone from being a privately funded pilot project with a production capacity of 4 million gallons per year to an idle producer with a partially complete (70%) large scale commercial plant that has the potential to produce 100 million gallons per year with a fulltime workforce of over 100. We have pursued private capital, institutional lending, U.S. Department of Energy grants and other government assisted programs without success. Unfortunately, there appears to be a gap in federal government assistance when you go beyond innovation and experimentation to commercially viable, yet there is still a huge federal mandate, over 1 billion gallons for annual domestic biodiesel production and use.

We have made a FY11 Department of Defense appropriations request thinking that filling the gap could be supported by the U.S. Air Force, which is the federal government’s largest energy consumer and one of the world’s largest consumers of diesel. The service’s recently released 2010 energy plan stated: “The Air Force is committed to increasing the amount of energy supplies available to enhance our nation’s energy security. Where possible, the Air Force will develop and utilize renewable and alternative energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The goals and objectives to increase supply target these three areas: aviation fuel, ground fuels, and installation energy.” Additionally, the USAF plan endorses "cooperative development, evaluation, and certification of promising biofuels….” Nellis Air Force Base borders our facility and has purchased our fuel in the past for vehicle use and other installation energy requirements.

Finally, our new rail capacity opens the entire Southwest to the supply of biodiesel with an impressive rail yard served by the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad and a massive tank farm capable of storing over 4 million gallons of various feedstocks and alternative fuels.

Completing the full-scale terminal and refinery would immediately employ over 120 construction workers. With the benefit of ready access to UP’s rail network, completion of our facility would make Biodiesel of Las Vegas the largest producer of biodiesel in the Southwest – with over 100 Nevadans working full-time to meet our local and national energy needs. We need your support.



Biodiesel of Las Vegas

Check out BLV’s Facility Updates and Status Page: HERE

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