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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey Kevin Costner, “If You Build It, They Will Clean It”

You may remember him as Ray Kinsella, the man who built it so they would come in “Field of Dreams”. Or, you might remember him as Crash Davis, the washed up minor leaguer from “Bull Durham”. Shoot, more fitting, you might even be one of the few cult fans of his mutant character, Mariner, from the post-apocalyptic “Waterworld”. Whichever Hollywood character you associate Mr. Kevin Costner with, you can now add real life environmental savior to the list.

Kevin Costner has invested millions of dollars and over 20 years of diligence into the development of a centrifuge device called “Ocean Therapy”. Sparked from the ’89 Exxon Valdez Oil spill, Costner teamed up with his scientist brother to create a device that could clean such catastrophic disasters. The Costner brothers have successfully developed a centrifuge machine that could literally save the world. Costner describes the device as a large vacuum cleaner equipped with sophisticated centrifuge devices. In essence, the “Ocean Therapy” consumes the ocean water and disperses the contaminated H20 to an enclosed centrifuge compartment. Once the contaminated water reaches the centrifuge compartment, the water and oil immediately separate. This separation process is very similar to one of the filtration methods used in biodiesel production (to find out more view the biodiesel process). We all know that oil and water separate naturally; however the centrifuge simply speeds up the process of gravity, making for a quicker, more efficient oil spill cleanup.

Time is of the essence as the BP Oil crisis continues to poison the Gulf of Mexico and threaten the existence of all submarine life forms, every possible clean-up method should be considered. Somehow I always knew Kevin Costner could save the world.

by Dimitry Greentree

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